22nd March 2017 - Admin - 16 comments
Keep Calm Its Mothers Day!

Following on from yesterdays tragic events in London I've decided to rewrite part of this as it really got me thinking about life in general and how much we take our everyday lives and situations for granted, ill address this later on in the blog, so onwards we go.

2nd March 2017 - Admin - 0 comments
For The Love Of Books

The one thing really worrying me is who are our children growing up to idolize? Like it or not we are growing up in a digital age. It seems that kids, Indie included are obsessed with YouTube vloggers. 

16th February 2017 - Admin - 34 comments
Fake Tan Fail?

Some of you with eagle eyes may have noticed over the years especially during the summer months that my hands are noticeably lighter than the rest of my body. This is not the result of me washing my hands too much or badly applying fake tan, as some felt necessary to bring to my attention over the years on social media. I have been affected by a condition called vitiligo since I was around 5 years old. What started out as a small white dot on my foot has spread to many parts of my body over the years and continues to spread.

6th February 2017 - Admin - 4 comments
Sugar Daddy

I recently took part in a 'no sugar week' on the ITV Lorraine show and even though I'm knowledgeable about food, ingredients and nutrition - what really shocked me is the minefield that is labeling on shop bought food items.

27th January 2017 - Dean - 28 comments
Welcome to my new blog

I was inspired to start this blog by a great friend of mine, SJ Honeywell, who has her own amazing blog www.honeymumster.com. SJ kindly asked me to do an interview about my life and parenting, I'm not usually asked about anything apart from cooking but it felt great to open up about things that I wouldn't normally talk about amongst friends let alone on the World Wide Web. I won't lie, it's taken a lot of soul searching and convincing to actually start tapping away at the keyboard and writing things down, here goes nothing!