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Welcome to my new blog

I was inspired to start this blog by a great friend of mine, SJ Honeywell, who has her own amazing blog www.honeymumster.com. SJ kindly asked me to do an interview about my life and parenting, I'm not usually asked about anything apart from cooking but it felt great to open up about things that I wouldn't normally talk about amongst friends let alone on the World Wide Web. I won't lie, it's taken a lot of soul searching and convincing to actually start tapping away at the keyboard and writing things down, here goes nothing!

Here is the big question... to blog or not to blog? It's a question I have asked myself a 1000 times over the years. It was something I put off for a number of reasons, first and foremost even though I've written two cookbooks, I never trusted my ability to write - let alone write about subjects that mean anything to people. It's very easy to write a recipe but not so easy to write about something personal. We all like to portray our lives in the best possible manner, to show the good side only. No one likes to share things that make you feel inadequate. Then I had the eureka moment, I know I'm not the only one out there with weird hang-ups and quirks and maybe talking about it would be a great start to addressing the things that I believe will improve my life and hopefully others.

I've always been a very private person, so much so even my family and closest friends don't even know what's happening in my life most of the time, which p****s them off royally ha ha. I'll probably keep that up though to be fair, it makes me laugh. I guess they will have to read the blog to find out what I'm up to!

Finally and this is the big one, why would people be interested in me and my little old life? Yes I'm fortunate to have found myself in the privileged position to do something I love in front of a national audience but underneath that I'm just a normal person doing normal things. Through sheer luck I have got to experience some pretty extraordinary things but the end of the day I'm still that normal lad from Bristol that wants to just be happy and content with my lot in life.

Like everybody else, I've had my fair share of ups and downs in life, nothing I've ever wanted to make excuses for. I've dealt with these challenges and I believe I have come out the other side as a better person. By far the biggest impact on my life has been my daughter Indie who you will be hearing a lot about in future blogs. By no means do I think I've done everything as a parent perfectly, we all make mistakes but sometimes I wish I had been given advice that might have helped me to make some of the decisions I have made along the way. You are going to hear about some of my battles and struggles being a single parent, but most of all the amazing experiences that being a parent can bring.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I really hope that some of my experiences can help you guys through whatever challenges appear on the horizon, from sharing parental duties, to getting your kids to eat healthy meals. Food as always will be a massive part of the blog as it is in my life. Ill be posting exclusive recipes, tricks, tips and generally sharing my passion for cooking. Strap in and join me for a journey, I promise to be honest even though that's not always the easiest thing to do.

Dean x


Jo - 2017-01-30

Well done Dean. You may not think it but you were always good at writing at school. Looking forward to the Dean Diaries xx

Loulu - 2017-01-30

Congratulations on the blog, I've always wanted to write one. Good luck with it. I'll certainly be joining you on your blog journey. P.s your daughter is so pretty #FellowBristolian #LoveBristol

Kevin Campion - 2017-01-30

Great idea Dean, wish you the best of luck with it.

colleen worledge - 2017-01-30

Love it you when you're on "Lorraine" mornings, good laugh, good food, keep it up Dean

Emma Cowles - 2017-01-30

Love that fact that even though your on the Lorraine Kelly Show you still seem so humble as a Bristol girl myself I will look forward to your blog and continue to support you x

Sam - 2017-01-30

Well done you, looking forward to it

Sirah - 2017-01-30

This is refreshingly real Dean. You were a total gent when I knew you briefly at ITV & this honesty will be embraced by us all as the 'reality' TV/ social media epidemic is just fake & draining. Smash it Dean! Dean v Blogging

Sharon - 2017-01-30

Very well wrote dean not easy to go into your private life to the world but if that's what you feel like doing then go for it good luck dean

Jo O'Neil - 2017-01-30

You've been such pleasure to watch on tv and your blog will bring lots of help to sorts of families and I'd like to wish you every success to a fellow Bristolian I'm actually from knowle Totterdown to be exact and been living in yate for nearly 18yrs only to be moving to Carlisle where my husband is from. All the best for the future dean x

Jenni Buck - 2017-01-30

Looking forward to reading more.

Janet Angle - 2017-01-30

I will look forward to seeing your blog Dean

Paul Gobin - 2017-01-30

I'm looking forward to reading future blogs. Don't be embarrassed to mention all the charity work, and that your a pretty decent footballer too.

Sue Cooper - 2017-01-30

Looking forward to reading more, we are all so called normal with our own funny ways and quirks, I wonder how many of us will have similar ones to you. I'm sure you are a great parent, it is a lifelong work and worth every single minute. Good luck with your blog!

Aileen Pennington - 2017-01-30

So happy you've got this blog set up.look forward to seeing an hearing everything..and of course commenting .

Michelle Golding - 2017-01-30

'Bout bloody time Dean! ...welcome to the wonderful

Rachel Davey - 2017-01-30

Yay! Really looking forward to following your blog journey and learning lots of cooking and kitchen tips as well as trying your recipes :)

Sue Andreae - 2017-01-30

As a single parent, life can be hard and fun in many ways. I am sure we all do have tails to tell... Sounds a good idea. ☺


Good on you. I look forward to reading your blogs. We can all do with tips on life and parenting and of course cooking xx

Mikee Freedom - 2017-01-30

Hi Dean. I haven't known you long but what i do know is that your a genuine nice geezer easy to talk to & have a beautiful Daughter who is the apple of her dads eye. There is no real book on parenting mate but as long as you have love for your children and they have love for you then know your on the right path. Look forward to keeping up with your blog mate & you must bring Indie to a City match soon get her pitch side to get her first cap all the best mate. Mikee.

Hannah - 2017-01-30

Fantastic first blog, looking forward to your future blogs. Have fun.

Peggy - 2017-01-31

My mother introduced me to you when l was caring for her. Your accent reminds me of home. I love the way you do your recipes. Love to follow more. Love to you both

Peggy - 2017-01-31

My mother introduced me to you when l was caring for her. Your accent reminds me of home. I love the way you do your recipes. Love to follow more. Love to you both

Rose - 2017-01-31

Hi Dean, I'm presently stuck in hospital, joy! So how refreshing it was to come across the link to your blog. Fellow Bristolian, talented chef, and real, which is gert lush!! I catch you on Lorraine when I can, and I also have your books, it's nice to have a book which explains stuff in layman's terms!! I look forward to your future blogs Dean, take care , Rose x

Janet - 2017-01-31

Hi dean that was great, I watched you on master chef and was willing you to win as you came across as a lovely young man ... and I caught you on radio Bristol last night in the car on my way to bingo talking about Bristol City FC I always went on home games when I was a kid with my sister, mum & dad Good luck with your blog looking forward to it x

Penelope - 2017-02-04

Loved reading your blog ~ wish I could write mine! Would love to do one.. Love watching your cookery slot on 'Lorraine' and the dishes you create! I've even tried a few myself! Love cooking. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Your daughter is beautiful. Keep doing what your doing. Penelope x

Kayley - 2017-02-06

What an inspiring man! Parenting isn't easy like you said we all learn by are mistakes I should know I have four :0 love reading about you and your life would love to hear more and learn about you as a chef and a father so here's to many more blogs xx

Val - 2017-02-09

Dean, I love your tasty and wonderful recipes. The majority of foods are in an average cupboard so no extra fancy things to buy and it was you who introduced me to Kejap Manis which is fantastic. I'm cooking your sweet chilli chicken, again, tonight because it is so delicious. I'm also buying your cookery book. So thank you for inspiring me even at my OAP age.

Lisa Mejuto - 2017-02-17

Don't kill me for this Dean!! I am a makeup artist that works at ITV and are one of us that have covered Deans paDon't kill me for this Dean!! I am a makeup artist that works at ITV and are one of us that have covered Deans patches with makeup for the show for years.. Now he doesn't actually know this but I have never been that comfortable covering them, I know it's my job but it has never sat right with me I said once why do you cover them? it's you and who you are..He said I don't want social media to say nasty things about it I want them to just talk about my cooking not my hands..This mad

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